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What a difference a year makes! It's absolutely mind-boggling to me how quickly babies grow and mature in such a short time-frame. From sleepy little potatoes that pretty much, eat, sleep and poop — to toddlers sitting up, playing, laughing and making all sorts of hilarious expressions. Here's a sweet little fella who I was blessed to

What better way to celebrate your first birthday than to squish up a sweet cake, laugh and clap? I know that's what I do on my birthday pretty regularly. ;) Here are highlights from sweet Hailey's Milestone Mini Session to celebrate her first year. xo

Little Evelyn turned 1 last week and we celebrated with a little reunion session. :)  It really is such an honour to have little ones back and to see how much they've grown and changed over their first year. What a difference between 13 days of age at the time of her newborn photos, to now. Evelyn

When she waddle-walked through the door with the biggest 4 tooth grin, I knew it was going to be a fun session. What a privilege it is to not only watch a little one grow, but to also document a few important milestones of their first year of life. From her tiniest moments as a newborn and

Sweet Blake and his baby blues return to celebrate his first birthday with a precious Cake Smooosh. He's changed just a tad since his newborn photoshoot 12 months ago. Oh, and he took a little dip in the tub to clean up afterwards too. What a smart little guy ;)

Little Miss Casey came in to celebrate her first birthday with a Milestone Mini Session followed by a precious little cake smash. I adore these shoots -- short and sweet little mini sessions simply designed to capture expression and sheer cuteness. ;) Within a couple of years, it's much more difficult to wrangle little ones