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Little Charlie was born at 1:23 am on January 1st; just a touch shy of being the first baby of 2018 in Cape Breton. What a way to ring in the New Year!  Here are some sweet highlights of her newborn portrait session on her 18th day.

What a difference a year makes! It's absolutely mind-boggling to me how quickly babies grow and mature in such a short time-frame. From sleepy little potatoes that pretty much, eat, sleep and poop — to toddlers sitting up, playing, laughing and making all sorts of hilarious expressions. Here's a sweet little fella who I was blessed to

What better way to celebrate your first birthday than to squish up a sweet cake, laugh and clap? I know that's what I do on my birthday pretty regularly. ;) Here are highlights from sweet Hailey's Milestone Mini Session to celebrate her first year. xo

Little Evelyn turned 1 last week and we celebrated with a little reunion session. :)  It really is such an honour to have little ones back and to see how much they've grown and changed over their first year. What a difference between 13 days of age at the time of her newborn photos, to now. Evelyn

Little Hayley visited just a day shy of her 2 month birthday. Normally I don't photograph little ones at this age, since technically they don't fall under the "newborn" category and are typically much trickier to photograph. That 7-14 day window, even with a little bit of grace is often the best age to have your little

When she waddle-walked through the door with the biggest 4 tooth grin, I knew it was going to be a fun session. What a privilege it is to not only watch a little one grow, but to also document a few important milestones of their first year of life. From her tiniest moments as a newborn and

My o' my, how you've grown sweet Victoria. It's been 8 months since you visited and filled my little studio with your sweet smiles during your newborn session. I'm so happy to see your haven't lost your ability to light up a room. :)

Sweet Blake and his baby blues return to celebrate his first birthday with a precious Cake Smooosh. He's changed just a tad since his newborn photoshoot 12 months ago. Oh, and he took a little dip in the tub to clean up afterwards too. What a smart little guy ;)

Little Miss Casey came in to celebrate her first birthday with a Milestone Mini Session followed by a precious little cake smash. I adore these shoots -- short and sweet little mini sessions simply designed to capture expression and sheer cuteness. ;) Within a couple of years, it's much more difficult to wrangle little ones

Working on this little cutie's gallery of images almost has me in tears. As soon as her parents sat her down in her car seat when they brought her into the studio, it was like traveling back in time. Little Luna looked so much like our Emelia when she was the same age; it blew my mind. Her

Conor & Tyler were wed in one of the most beautiful locations on our island. The Keltic Lodge in Ingonish is one of my favorite venues to photograph with so much variety and some of the most amazing views. Cliff tops and blue waters aside; their chemistry and heartfelt family celebration for this beautiful couple are what really made their day truly special.

These two lovebirds will be wed next week and I can't wait! They're such a sweet and playful couple with no shortage of laughter and corny jokes (eh Stephen?)  ;) It's bound to be quite a contrast going from our warm, glowy evening engagement photo shoot to what we hope will be a winter wonderland. I wish