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Darren and I have been working on various freelance projects for a few years now. He's the programming genius behind the new Fortress of Louisbourg Association website. (Insert promo plug here! haha) To thank him for his many hours of dependable work, we arranged a family photo shoot in beautiful Petersfield, Westmount, for he and his lovely

Despite a dreary, rainy Halifax afternoon, Sarah, Jered, and I ventured into the studio for an engagement photo session to accompany their wedding commission later this summer. A true gentleman, Jered was a little shy at first -- but quickly warmed up to me and the camera. He later thanked me for making it so easy. This

Jillian and Kristy were awesome to work with and amazingly comfortable in front of the camera. We ventured out to a few locations in Halifax, took a few wrong turns, and ended up hiking a bit longer than expected. haha The ladies were great sports and always had time for playful and giggly moments.  I had a

Mandy and Andrew wanted some playful and less formal photos taken of their family of five. We took a couple of hours and just played around their neighborhood playground -- you can't get less formal than that! This type of shoot is my favorite, because it gives me some time with each child. I take them aside

Jeremy and Amy. Super in love. Their wedding was a small, intimate outdoor wedding on a beautiful August afternoon in Hubley, NS. The day couldn't have been better and I was so honored to be apart of it. I love weddings like this -- where a couple is surrounded by their close friends and family, and they can't

I've known Wanda for many years. John however, just for a few minutes prior to our photoshoot. Wanda warned me that he was a little shy, but after a bit of joking around and giving them a little extra space together to just chat and goof around -- he quickly warmed up to the camera. I was

Erin and Jeff are a pretty cool couple -- that's all I can say. Up for anything and wanted to hit up a few different places in and around Halifax. Now living in Alberta, they wanted not only to create a nice engagement guestbook album for their wedding, but to commemorate the city where they met and

Allison and Margaret Anne had one of the most beautiful outdoor weddings I've ever seen. Stylishly-elegant is what I would call it. It took place on Allison's family property, which I always find so meaningful and calming for the families and couple involved. Complete with a roof-top look out, I climbed up before the ceremony ended to