You know that scene in Christmas Vacation when Clarke cuts into the much anticipated Christmas turkey… and it implodes into a steamy mess of dry bones? Yes, well — that was my morning in preparation for this little cuties cake smash session. lmao!
I typically bake cakes for cake smash sessions the night before, and then decorate it that morning so the icing is fresh and soft.  This particular morning, as I whipped up the colored icing and proceeded to create little rosettes on the cake… it did something strange. The basically disintegrated before my eyes, crumbling in slow motion, from the outside in. Great… my client is due to arrive in about 45 minutes! I message her in a bit of a panic, feeling a bead of sweat roll down my back as I try to clean up the mess of crumbly cake, knowing full well I definitely couldn’t salvage it. lol  Thankfully, she was just fine with the Sobey’s cake I nabbed minutes before the session. I topped it with a few rosettes of my own with the left over icing I already had prepared to match the decor, and little Pelonik didn’t seem the mind one bit. 🙂

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