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“Both my husband and I were apprehensive when it came to having our photos taken on our wedding day, but Wendy managed to perfectly capture us as a couple and show how wonderful our day was. She doesn’t even have to say anything to ease the nerves; it’s almost like she just has a calming aura to her.

My favorite part of our photo sessions would be Wendy’s patience with our dogs. Three times Wendy had to endure anywhere from 2-5 dogs in our photo session and she had the patience of a saint each time. Not only is she fabulous with humans, but she totally rocks it with any furry family member. Again her calming nature is so perfect for snapping the sometimes misbehaved canine! A tie for my favorite part of the shoot would absolutely be Wendy’s sense of humor! She is absolutely hilarious and isn’t afraid to make you laugh at the awkward pose you may be in to get that perfect angle.

All of her photos are so natural. I, for one, am not the type of person who does well with fairytale style photos, and Wendy was able to ensure that all of our photos were just brighter and more beautiful versions of ourselves. She meticulously works to ensure every detail is perfection and that her photos show a beautifully accurate story of her clients. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to capture such special moments in my life.”

~ Joanna (Peters) MacDonald

“As someone who is typically camera shy, my biggest concern going into our session was that the final photos would reflect that I was uncomfortable being photographed. This was absolutely not the case! From the moment we met Wendy, she eased my fears. Wendy works in such a way that you forget you are being photographed and as a result she has an amazing ability to capture images that truly showcase her clients unique personalities as well as relationships with one another.

From consultation to engagement photos to wedding photos, our time with Wendy was fantastic. Looking through our wedding proofs, we were both surprised to see so many different angles and shots from the ceremony. Wendy captured every aspect from multiple vantage points and we still wonder how she managed to move throughout the venue so inconspicuously! Her ability to foresee and capture the special moments without being noticed is incredible!

From the moment we first walked into Wendy’s office to discuss wedding photography, we felt like we were chatting with an old friend. Couples easily spend as much (if not more!) time with their photographer as with each other on their wedding day so it is incredibly important to choose a photographer with whom you are comfortable. We couldn’t imagine having spent our day with anyone else. We would recommend Wendy without hesitation!

~ Annie Beth Sampson

“Wendy made both of us, our dog Remington, our friends and family feel so comfortable and made both our sessions fun. She was and is the sweetest, most caring person we have ever meet and went above and beyond all of our expectations. We had hard an extremely hard time picking our favorite pictures because we loved each and every one of them. She was also super easy to get a hold of and was up for any of our crazy ideas for different pictures!

She was able to capture all of these amazing moments that we didn’t even know we’re happening- for example, I bent down to give our dog, Remington, a kiss before I left for the church and Wendy captured this moment. Or when my husband and I had exchanged our vows and I was putting his wedding band on his very swollen finger(due to the heat) and it wouldn’t fit- we both made hilarious “oh no” faces which she captured. Or the konga line that our aunts and cousins made at our reception!

Wendy has a deep passion and love for capturing the most amazing moments of your life. She is a beautiful, kind-hearted women with a great sense of humour. Wendy went above and beyond anything we could have ever expected and for that we will always remember how amazing our wedding day was. We cannot wait to have her back in our lives to be part of and capture our next chapter.

Kaleigh MacAdam

“Wendy was very supportive and encouraging, often using humor and a very kind, gentle, playful encouragement for us to connect intimately which really showed in our photos. Wendy created a safe space within the public space for us and made me feel like it was just me and my beautiful wife to be…the rest of the world kind of disappeared. It really was quite magical. Truly, a special and really fun adventure!

I also really appreciated Wendy’s confidence in her leadership role as our photographer. All of it felt like a collaboration and my wife and I gave lots of feedback on how we wanted the shots to look but on the day of the wedding Wendy really stepped up and directed us in several quick, in the moment poses. That was a huge relief to me and all the shots turned out amazing!

Everything felt like a really fun, laid back hang-out session. Great conversation, tons of laughs and a few “awwww” moments in keeping with the candid sentimental lovers theme of being June brides together! Great memories xox

~ Angella Parsons

“You really listened to all of my reasonable as well as far fetched suggestions and turned them into AMAZING photographs that were exactly what we wanted! I love that you are so easy to talk to and made us feel comfortable while being photographed. We were able to truly be ourselves and obtain so many beautiful photos that capture our personalities.

You are a truly talented photographer and I really felt like you took your time throughout our engagement photo shoot as well as our wedding day, we never felt rushed and always felt comfortable around you. You really paid attention to detail when editing our photos and we could not be more pleased!

Thank you so much for everything :)”

~ Kelsey (LeBlanc) MacNeil

Paisley & Priya
“My twin girls were only two weeks old and just so tiny. You had me very confident of your own comfort and ability within the first five minutes. You took the time to make sure I was comfortable and you were very clearly comfortable handling and working with my little ones!!! You positioned them with such a gentle touch and you were so calm throughout the entire session…it was amazing to watch.

Having someone be able to capture such beautiful poses with my girls when they were so new was just amazing. I was so so happy that you were willing to come to our home to take the pictures as it was where we (and our girls) were most comfortable. You made us feel at ease throughout the entire process and took your time to ensure you had the best shots. You continually checked in with us and showed great patience when I needed to hold one or both girls. Working with one new born baby would be challenging enough…but you made working with two new born babies look like a breeze!! Again, amazing to watch. I could not believe how you were able to position and pose those delicate little bodies with such ease. The results spoke for themselves as we received some amazing photographs!!”

Leanne Tattrie

“Wendy made us feel more then comfortable and our wedding day was captured perfectly. We loved our wedding pictures so much that since then she has done all our family pictures and stages of our children’s lives. She is so good with kids and their pictures always capture their spirit perfectly.

My favourite part of our experience together is how comfortable she made us feel. We always feel relaxed and trust that she will guide us so that our pictures turn out perfect and just the way we want. We like that she listens first and ask questions so that the pictures capture all the great moments.”

~ Amanda Squires

“My favourite part of having Wendy as our family photographer is how comfortable she makes us feel. She rolls with the punches and goes to any lengths to make sure she captures the most perfect, memorable photos for our family. She has patience with our children and even our dog! Not once has she ever made us feel like the chaos of our young and growing family was ever an inconvenience in her studio.

Wendy has taken photos of my baby shower, captured moments of our family in the waiting room of my labor and delivery of our first son, newborn photos of our two sons, family portraits in her studio and on location, birthday parties and milestones of our children in the past two years. I am so pleased with all of the precious memories we have in photos, thanks to Wendy. She is easy to work with and goes above and beyond to capture the moments we treasure with our family. We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to welcome Wendy into our family. Hiring a photographer can be just a job .. But it is not just a job for Wendy… It is a very special relationship she creates with you, she shares her creativity while keeping with what you want. She is dedicated to her craft and takes her role of a photographer very seriously while still having fun with the families she shoots. We look forward to having Wendy continue to take photos of our family as we grow over the years. ”

~ Ashley Gouthro

“We loved every photo and enjoyed the whole experience. Our favorite photos were those moments she captured when we didn’t know or expect. My husband and I enjoyed how Wendy captured those special moments with our family and friends. We proudly hang her beautiful shots in our home.

Wendy is fantastic and her work is amazing! From the moment you meet Wendy you know your event will be in great hands.”

~ Sara Salter Burke

“Wendy flawlessly balanced between a few set group shots of family and wedding party and with capturing beautiful candid photos of us and our guests. When Wendy took my new groom and I off to do some more photos after our ceremony. She was able to capture our excitement of just getting Married!! Even though we were getting our photos taken, and running around the yard to get different backdrops. It was fun, we were relaxed and we were able to enjoy a few quite moments together amongst the excitement.

Wendy is wonderful!! (we have recommended you to our friends!) As soon as we met Wendy, we knew she would take care of whatever was thrown at her and we never had to worry about our photos. We were able to enjoy our day knowing she was there to capture our special moments. Everytime we look at our wedding photos we get to relive our wedding day all over again. Which is pretty awesome! That is a testament to Wendy’s talent and professionalism. She captured the moments as they happened, we love our photos and good not be happier!”

Amy Wallace

“My biggest fear was that my husband and I would look stressed in our photo trying to get the kids to sit still and smiling. But I was so impressed when I received the photos back to discover we all looked beautiful and relaxed. Wendy has a great way of capturing that moment at the right time.  My favourite part about the photo shoot was picking different places and backgrounds to set the photo up, and we didn’t feel rushed at all, which was nice. I would definitely recommend Wendy’s photography to anyone, as her pictures are very professional, affordable and natural looking. I had so many compliments on ours, that I look forward to going back when the time comes.

Sarah Jones

Lindsey MacIntosh
“Wendy was amazing to work with and was able to keep little personalities engaged and involved in the process. Which anyone who has younger kids knows everything is a process. We could not be happier with the way she managed all personalities and was able to capture our day in a fun and unique way. Our favorite part of the day was taking the shoot to a places that were different from other people’s photos yet at the same time meaningful to us. Our family spend a lot of time on the golf course, taking a family photo there seemed comfortable for everyone.

Wendy is one of the most amazing human-beings I have ever met. She is easy-going, creative, thoughtful, respectful, playful and over all produces amazing work! There is no question that we will work with Wendy again In the future.”

~ Lindsey MacIntosh

McCabe Family
“My biggest fear was that our three month old daughter would be fussy the whole time and we wouldn’t be able to get any decent shots of all three of us. Wendy was more than accommodating though and let us take the time we needed to make sure everyone was happy! She also made the most of our candid moments which turned out to be some of the best photos!

Wendy was so lovely and down to earth, she made the whole experience enjoyable. I also loved that she took us to Petersfield. It was absolutely stunning. The finished product was gorgeous and Wendy was an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Katie McCabe

“Wendy’s kind natured personality, her humour, and her talent allowed us to relax, enjoy every moment, laugh (and cry) and capture a day we will treasure always.

Wendy is a Ninja with a camera. We hardly knew she was there but she captured everything! Amazing candid photos of friends and family, lots of laughs and she mapped out the best places for photos before our individual session so everything we did was fun, beautiful, thoughtful and original.

I don’t think our wedding photos would’ve been the same without her vision, direction, talent, humour. I was nervous when we were first thinking of photographers, but with Wendy we were just excited! A great artist and a great person. She’s the best! Our photos – every one of them, are stunning. We are so thankful.”

Ashley Stagg & Aimee McGillivary

Allison & Paul
“Everything is amazing!!! The overall presentation….the dvd covers, the photos!! You thought of everything and really poured so much love and attention to detail into your work. I’m so impressed! I can’t wait to share the dvds with our families. Paul and I really can’t thank you enough! We’re so, so very pleased with how everything turned out. You really managed to capture the essence of our day and we’ll be forever grateful for the memories you captured for us.”

Thank you, thank you, thank!!

~ Allison & Paul

Wanda & John Compton
“Wendy makes you feel at ease and relaxed. She does not rush the process and will not impose on your space. She captures moments, hidden behind the lens, when you didn’t even notice she was there!

Hire her!! You won’t regret it. Wendy gave us a lifetime of memories. Every Wedding Anniversary we open a bottle of wine, shut out the world and watch our photo memories on screen. Wendy took the time to hand pick our favourites, beautifully choreographed to our favorite music. Priceless.”

~ Wanda & John Compton

Baby Calder
“Gosh Wendy, you certainly exceeded my expectations! I’m sure I will be seeing you in the future and will definitely be recommending to all my friends and family. You really have such a wonderful talent and thank you for capturing such brief and precious moments for us to cherish forever.”

Julie MacDonald

Erin & Brent
“Our emotions and relationships were captured so perfectly in the photographs. I was able to relive my wedding not only through my eyes; but through theirs. I am so glad that you were there to capture it for us: to relive it, from now until forever. I am enchanted by your world and we feel so blessed to have met you.

Truly Wendy, thank you.”

Erin & Brent
Read a letter from Erin, here.

“Like many brides I had imagine my wedding day for a long time. It was important to my husband Craig and I that our photos told the story of our day. We wanted family and friends to feel welcomed and have fun. Wendy surpassed our expectations! She is a true professional in every sense of the word. She took care in making sure the experience was fun and our ideas met. Wendy is a joy to work with and is a wonderful guide throughout the process. I enjoyed that it came to a point Wendy and I only had to say a few words and knew exactly what the other was thinking for a shot. She made it easier to have no concerns about our memories being captured. We will truly cherish our photos forever with many thanks to Wendy!”

Denise & Craig

Baby Matteo
“Wendy was great at putting us all at ease and having me comfort baby till he was asleep and more “poseable”. I couldn’t believe the patience she had throughout this process! I really enjoyed watching the creative process take shape, and helping be a part of it by giving my opinions on props, backdrops and costumes. It really felt like I was involved and had lots of choices and input! I was given the opportunity to be as much a part of the session as I wanted to be.

Definitely choose Wendy, you’ll be pleased with the end products for sure, but you’ll also enjoy the collaborative process and that the shoot is really “yours”. She has a very gentle approach and you never feel pressured or rushed. The whole experience is positive!”

Danielle MacKinlay

Emily & Kris
“I couldn’t believe all the details and special moments she caught on camera. My favourite part and what I was most impressed with was how invisible she was. I never once felt like I was constantly getting my picture taken, she was seamless.

It was worth every penny. Photographs of your big day are the last place you should skimp out on. She was professional, kind but assertive when need be and really took all our wants and needs into careful consideration.”

Emily Wareham

“We hired Wendy to take some family pictures for us. She was excellent in working with our small kids and making the event fun for the kids so she could get some great shots. The pictures are amazing and I would recommend Wendy to anyone looking to get photos done. She is not your classic just sit there and smile type photographer, she is always looking for new and interesting ways to capture the essence of the people she is taking pictures of. Her pictures are amazing, she is very easy to work with, and her prices are very reasonable.”

Jamie & Emily

Jen & Tristan
“Wendy is the most professional, kind, and sweet person. Not only is she talented but was able to work with my husband and I to give us a wedding package that not only worked for our budget but our time ( wedding was on a Sunday afternoon, and we only needed her for about four hours). Her ideas and vision was exactly on par with today’s bride. She gets what you are looking for and delivers……with a huge smile.”

~ Jennifer & Tristan MacDonald

“Most of my favourite memories from the wedding is spending time with the wedding party during the shoot. Everyone was having a great time and totally comfortable being themselves and having fun. Everyone mentioned afterward how great you were to work with. You rolled with our sense of humour and seemed to be enjoying what you were doing.

Besides the photos being excellent quality, you were really flexible in terms of the location, types of photos, and even length of stay. We had issues with our reception running long and you stayed later than you had to, which we really really appreciated!! There was also a reasonable turn around of the fully edited images and it was seamless to get all photos with fully copyright signed over. It was an incredible value for money!

~ Jessica & Randy Muir

“If your looking for a photographer who is down to earth, kind, respectful and someone you will call a friend, Wendy is your gal! She took the time to meet my family prior to the big day and knew what we, as a couple, wanted. She was thoughtful and incorporated photos that reflected how my husband and I met, but most importantly she had patience—nothing felt rushed. She made the session about us, she made conversation and everything flowed nicely. The photos she captured were beautiful.

~ Amanda & Ted

Gouthro Girls
“We were getting photos of two 10 week old babies and a very busy 2 year old. My biggest fear was that my children would not cooperate and everyone would end up in tears (mommy included). The session was so relaxed, everything went very smooth. Everything about a photo session with Wendy is relaxed and natural. We have a tradition with her now. She captured our engagement, our wedding, Ainsley at 6 months and then our complete family with Callan and Reese at 10 weeks. She has photographed our big life moments and she knows how to capture who we really are.”

~ Erin Gouthro

Newborn Karlaya
“Right from the very beginning you made myself & partner feel very comfortable. And in the end, our pictures turned out amazing! We loved working with you!

My favorite experience was when you took pictures of my daughter as a newborn. I remember it so clearly, she was only a few weeks old. And everyone knows that all newborns do is sleep, poop & eat haha.. Well, thats exactly she did the entire time! It was such a fun and funny experience that’ll always remember and can’t appreciate you enough for being so patient and silly to help make the experience that much more enjoyable.”

~ Hailey Isadore

MacNeil Family
“My wife and I liked that it was very informal and the kids were allowed to run around when they became restless and Wendy worked a lot of her shots around that. She did an excellent job. She was awesome with our two somewhat fussy boys. Very friendly and flexible with the location. The result was some of the best photos we have ever had of our family.”

Jeff MacNeil


c“Our project needed an entire visual design, starting with logo, that eventually included the following: letterhead, website, electronic newsletter, book jacket, multiple-fold brochure, cd face design, tshirt silk-screen design, posters, printed tickets, and social media graphics. We worked with Wendy, via email, piece by piece, trusting her design instincts, and now have a cohesive and engaging visual identity. I appreciated how Wendy incorporated her sense of humour and whimsy in her designs, which was exactly where the visuals needed to go.”

~ Joanie Cunningham, Founder


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