The Studio

Welcome to my cozy, creative workshop. Edgewood Studio is a quaint, fully accessible, air-conditioned studio space, located in a quiet, neighborhood in Reserve Mines, Cape Breton.

As a multi-passionate “maker”, entrepreneur and artist, this bright, comfortable little nook has become my retreat—a home away from home, where I can photograph, design, paint, sew or just experiment.


Why Edgewood?

Edgewood Studio is named after Edgewood Drive, the street where I grew up—a quiet, cul-de-sac that, at the time, was lined with bustling children and young families. I remember playing outside all day long—riding our bikes, picking blueberries, playing street hockey with my older brother, and exploring in “the back woods“.

As wee ones, my folks always encouraged our innocent and reckless sense of play and expression. They taught us how to experiment. There were no wrong answers or too many nails to piece together our (hideous) scrap-wood clubhouse. A painted purple sky with orange clouds was “beautifully fun!”, and costumed dance routines around the house were as routine as brushing our teeth.

This spirited experimentation remains; a mantra if you will, to my creative practice to this day. It seemed only fitting to come full-circle. “Edgewood” celebrates where that creative curiosity was most encouraged. xo


280 Centerville Street
Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia
B1E 1A7
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