In the sweetest, soft, little voice and smiling ear to ear, big sister Emelia whispered, “Hi baby Dani.” My heart has never recovered.

On October 24, 2018, we welcomed another daughter into our little family. Her big sister Emelia tiptoed into the recovery room the following day with her grandparents, and after months of preparation, excitement and stories of who was growing in mummy’s tummy, she beamed with pride, clapping her hands and bouncing up and down in anticipation of seeing her new little sister. And despite my post-delivery fog and exhaustion, I will never ever forget that moment for as long as I live.

I’m sure every new parent or soon-to-be parent of their second child feels the same way: how in the world can I love another, like I do the first. Does my heart have enough room? You know the answer, of course. It truly is twice the love, not divided.

My wife Leigha and I have always wanted children. We didn’t quite know how, but we were determined to make it happen. It was a long, windy road, but here we are. A house of 4 ladies. Lord help us. 😉 haha! Because I know she’s going to read this, I really want to say something to her; Thank you Leigha, for being truly amazing. You’re supportive beyond measure, loving and oh so tolerant of my many hormonal moods and crazies during this pregnancy. I feel so blessed to share in this tag-team adventure with you. Every day brings it’s challenges, but I know with you by my side, our girls are going to grow up with so much love and support. Ohh and one more thing… sorry I got a little pissy with you while pushing this giant 8lb+ baby out of my body. Sorry about that too. 😉

What a ride. This crazy parenting thing is quite the adventure. Exhausting and remarkable. Little Dani is already showing us, just like her big sister, her little stubborn nature, brightness and sass. We’re enjoying each and every day watching her grow and shine. Emelia is doing amazing and slipping well into her big-sis role. We’re blessed beyond measure and so very proud to be their mamas.