Below is a letter I recently received from a bride and a selection of images from her wedding day. My heart feels very full.

“Dear Wendy,

Looking back on our day, I have such fond memories. From my best friend lacing up my wedding dress in front of the antique mirror in my mom’s old room, to walking down the staircase in the house that my family has grown up in for generations, to seeing my dad look back at me, with those eyes, for the first time in my wedding dress. From the moment before I stepped out to peer down the aisle in the historic, white, steeple church, grabbing my Dad’s hand, and looking up… to see all of the people most dear to me. People from times throughout my entire life – looking at me with such happiness and slight sorrow at the same time, that my mom couldn’t be there to see this moment. I saw Brent. Looking at me as though we were about to go on a lifelong journey together. A calmness, and happiness, and feelings of excitement; all were present that day.

I lived my wedding through my eyes. It was through the photographs though, that I was able to live what my friends and family felt and enjoyed. All the special moments and special people who had travelled from literally around the world to be there – a place most special to me – for us. It was incredible, inexplicable how much love I felt that day. It was truly humbling and we are very grateful. This is happiness.

Sharing a meal with everyone, getting to visit and catch up with friends, old and new, from near and far. It was more than a celebration of love; it was also a celebration of our lives. I feel like my mom was there in almost more than spirit. She was there in every way possible. This day, filled with so much emotion, and so much tradition, it was a way for me to celebrate with all the ladies in my life who were all Honorary Mothers of the Bride. Ladies who have cared for me through some of the most difficult times and some of the most wonderful times. They know who they are and they all mean the world to me.

These emotions and relationships were captured so perfectly in the photographs, Wendy. I was able to relive my wedding not only through my eyes; but through theirs. I was able to see that look of adoration from my dad when Brent gave his speech. I was able to see a coming together of families. I could see real laughter and new relationships forming. I got to see my wedding through my eyes, and through yours. And though I might be biased, I feel like we shared the best wedding that I could have ever imagined. I am so glad that you were there to capture it for us: to relive it, from now until forever.

And from this amazing day, wonderful memories were created and I was fortunate to gain a husband that I can’t imagine having ever lived my life without. Everything just seems to makes sense.

I am enchanted by your world and we feel so blessed to have met you. Truly Wendy, thank you.

Blessings & thanks,
Erin & Brent