I should have known not to expect sand dunes and beach grass. Of course, capturing a loving couple on PEI’s beautiful golden coast was my first very excited reaction when Emily first told me about their Charlottetown wedding plans. Emily though, who I had met years ago in art school, has always been one to break the mold, get creative, and try things a little bit different. So, after their incredibly romantic outdoor ceremony at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, we toured and took photos around downtown Charlottetown, then at the award winning PEI Brewing Company. Needless to say, I was one excited wedding photographer.

Emily is an amazingly talented jewelry designer and outright crafty gal. So just as I suspected, every detail of their wedding day was unique and beautiful. From the incredible rings and jewelry she designed and crafted herself, the one-of-a-kind centerpiece vases and flowers, to the sequence bridesmaids skirts, and chevron fabrics themed throughout the day; every detail seemed to reflect their personalities perfectly.

If “creative” was just one word to describe Emily, “hilarious” would be Kris. This guy had me laughing (or “roarin'”, as we say on this little island), along with the rest of the wedding party all day long. A few laughs were certainly welcome too, as this was I’m sure, one of the hottest wedding in history, scorching in at 40° at points throughout the day.

I can’t think of a better way though to spend a long weekend in beautiful PEI; then to spend it with two amazing families celebrating the love between two sweethearts. I can’t thank you enough Em & Kris, for having me there to capture the memories of your day.

Jewellery- www.emilyblairdesign.ca
Centrepiece Vases- Alexis Doiron
Flowers- www.bernadettesflowers.com
Chevron fabric- www.tonicliving.com