I love the fall. Even more… I love families in the fall, especially this one. Meet Jamie and Emily and their adorable little ones: Jordyn and Nate a.k.a. Natters.   I’ve known Jamie and Emily for a few years and was so thrilled an honored when they asked me to take their family photos for them. They were looking for some playful outdoor photos in their backyard, and playful is what they got! Who needs a stuffy studio and props when you have a huge pile of leaves?!  I adored their little ones. Jordyn was busting with energy, running around and grinning almost on command. It’s like she’s always up to something, genuine and full of curiosity. Little Nate is just a little bundle of cuteness that I wanted to squeeze.

Thanks ladies for allowing me to capture a few tender moments for you. You’re an inspiration to me and my (future) family 😉